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Sustainable Development Goals Implementation

Executive Summary of Apple Inc. Human Resource Management

The report stated about the human resource management of the Apple Inc. company which is famous for its electronic devices such as mobiles, PC etc. The report depicted about its HRM practices which are being functional in the organization. Furthermore, the report also discussed about the leadership theory along with the leadership strategies which the corporation uses for the better working and functioning of the commerce. The report further stated about the major challenges which the company faces in the marketplace internally. The report further told about the tactics of hiring the local talents for the corporation. The company uses the talent management strategy for the hiring of new and local people. Moreover, the report highlighted the cultural diversity in the organization and also tells about the various moral influences by which the company works smoothly. At last, the report stated about the recommendations and conclusion regarding the existing human resource management for the better functioning of the company.



Review of existing HRM practices

Review of leadership ideas

Major challenges

Strategies for attracting and hiring local talent

Cultural differences

Various moral influences

IHRMS practice in Google




Introduction to Apple Inc. Human Resource Management

Apple Inc. was incorporated into a legal entity in 1977 and since then has continued to respond, editing as much as it promotes individual and portable PCs. The organization produces media gadgets as close compact players. As a creative company, Apple Inc. is always associated with the provision of applications, scheduling, an external computer object, and a program. Its key markets are in Asia, America, Africa and Europe. The organization has a large number of clients from individual clients, government offices, and all business sizes as major business clients. The classification of human assets is an important indicator of whether a business is successful or short in its business activities. At Apple representatives are responsible for designing and creating imaginative objects that address customer issues. All the representatives from the senior management staff work hard to ensure that the association continues to plan and build the arrangements made to address the problems of their many clients (Allal‐Chérif & Makhlouf, 2016). This paper maintains or reports on the human resource status of Apple Inc. by examining the various factors related to this acute segment in the organization.

Review of Existing HRM Practices

Working in a fruit marketing organization greatly tests the direct effect of high performance weight and the need for systematic care. Apple Inc. workers are forced to unsuccessfully plan and produce sensibly designed gadgets in order to stay afloat in the magnificent massive market. Apart from having an amazing authorization culture that Apple Inc. has developed over the years, it is a stressful work environment due to the need to address the needs of many different people. In any case, representatives of Apple announce that the beauty and reward given to them exceeds the weight they experience in their workplace. No matter how much weight we have, the organization plans to address the needs of its employees with the aim of giving their best back to the organization. Among the organization in the innovation business, Apple Inc. has been recognized as one of the world's largest wage earners. Employees have agreed to be provided with pay-as-you-go payments as a way to promote their beautiful creations. They also added that each representative is given compensation equal to their involvement as per the level of experience a person has in the organization (Antimonova & Maksimov, 2019). One of the most important benefits available to representatives of Apple Inc. performance in an advanced environment compared to other innovative organizations.

The vast majority of Apple's representatives are in their 30's and 40's and in this way, they provide more information to the organization. Likewise because of their development, they create an environment conducive to personal development for young employees. Other benefits available to representatives at Apple Inc. that they are given restrictions when purchasing organizational items. Labor has proven that the success of branding in stores and stocks is a positive benefit for them by working for the organization, considering that the cost of Apple's products is generally high (Clarke & Boersma, 2017). The limits to which they jump into stocks and objects keep employees forced to move high. Working with employees, which includes good co-operation and good judgment, is another benefit of Apple's representatives. Leading and current representatives at Apple ensure that they often revitalize the work with the most intelligent part of the creative business.

In order to have the option to keep its representatives motivated Apple uses group-building exercises, for example, the beer bashes that happens regularly and the employee can appreciate free lager and starters. The lager slams similarly featured exhibitions by various artists. The organization offers its representatives the option of driving another benefit that Apple employees can get. The organization provided transportation that transported representatives from the disadvantaged area to the organization’s home office and travel expenses (Clarke & Boersma, 2017). By setting these benefits, Apple makes its employees feel welcome and needed by an organization that encourages them to remain committed to the transfer of control over goods and services.

Review of Leadership Ideas

Following are the methods used by Apple Inc. in its business activities has empowered the organization to become a key player in the business of innovation. Its management and business processes are focused on addressing representatives and customer needs. Tim Cook, who heads the organization’s administration, ensures that the organization communicates with its partners, employees and customers to have the option to continue managing its administration and its realities today. Being the center of Apple’s Iconic brand around design and bringing creative things to stay serious. The organization consistently affirms that its seriousness is its commitment to keeping its employees promoted to uphold the organization’s lifestyle. The organization uses a system that limits the micromanage within the organization, who should be given a ton of opportunities that allow employees to make unthinking thoughts again. Apple similarly uses the quality management structure run by Tim Cook (Danko et al. 2019).

Apple executives understand that it is not about the organization but about consumers, things and representatives. The union adds a culture that urges employees not to change their behavior. In any case, when the market is weakened the organization has always focused on delivering quality goods at a higher price. The organization adds by providing its representative with an endless train to ensure that they remain committed and reap great benefits. The organization has a training center in its home office where it strengthens the new and current employee in the new machine patterns as it shows them the beliefs just as the organization's historical programs run.

Apple Inc. in addition it provides board for newcomers. A key point of this arrangement is to make sure that the new representatives feel more active in the organization. The different management style is equally differentiated from style industry executives who hire their own managing staff. For the most part, the business model compiled by Apple is valued as a value-based approach. The business model used by Apple depends on the possibility that an employee who exceeds the stated targets will be paid and that representatives who work improperly will face significant consequences (Antimonova & Maksimov, 2019). The organization also ensures that the link between pioneers and workers' salaries. The organization similarly offers its employees a few benefits and a reasonable salary to encourage them to earn more. Its award-winning framework empowers the organization to stay grounded in new business.

Major Challenges

The unavailability of personal-used consumer devices for board devices is a major problem for Apple. Without all the structures and processes planned, the culture of engagement does not work. Many talented people are leaving Apple, because they have ignored Apple's lifestyle. Without a formal HRM system to be integrated with authorization strategies the organization will not prosper in the long run.

Lack of Appropriate Tools for Recognition and Appreciation

Contextual analysis recommends that the employee be required to take care of his or her duties as the organization does not have a sound framework for positioning globally. The authorities paid little attention to the interests of the various lawyers, seeing their hard work. Creative ideas for lawyers have never been approved by the organization. Except that initially the representative category was recognized for their work for example the people who worked for the Mac their logo was engraved inside the PC member. Still it was not later training (Delery & Roumpi, 2017).

Promotion Inequity

As shown by the illegal analysis of the development and advanced treatment of the agents was present at Apple. Apple used its representatives 'in depth' but did not compensate for their hard work and dedication. Just the top heads are compensated. For Apple, the test was not based on team commitment and the support of others, relying on extraordinary killings.

Work Advancement and Development

To some extent the successful open operation of the authorized unit is allowed.

Rewards and Bonuses

The prize does not depend on the team's performance or dedication, but rather on the effort and dedication involved. Top executives at Apple are satisfied with their compensation. Representatives of the lower levels are not paid or paid. Indeed, even low-income representatives do not have the opportunity to invest but work 60 hours a week. Pfeffer models suggest that profits could in any way be made up of more important compensation prices if appropriate compensation is used, for example, increased sharing, investment opportunities and energy payments. The point where the representatives think they are well paid will show a great deal of work. Apple's management should focus on this. It is an important task of any HRM unit to prepare organizational input courses and frameworks for the most comprehensive awards and business objectives (Feng, 2020).

Long Working Hours

Apple has tested its many working hours. The fight for representatives to improve work and family life and Apple was accused of disrespecting family life. Of course, even this organization was sued by its representative for violating the law of Californian employment.

Strategies for Attracting and Hiring Local Talent

Talent management is a fundamental piece of each organization. Apple Inc. understands that it is rarely about the above but how you can use the skill from the staff. Each organization needs to focus on its strengths, time and energy in order to benefit the most from the present economy. Apple uses libertarianism by accident to deal with the potential among its employees. This multidisciplinary approach involves the distribution of intermediate stakeholders that the organization has all the functions. There are few inspection tasks in an organization that can be supervised by a skilled and competent employee.

This organization ensures that it empowers the formation of the group as an institution. This is done by ensuring that no employee achieves the test unless the whole team is performing well. The point where everyone from the group show is doing well organizational performance is enhanced. Apple has always confirmed that it uses dynamic management in the power of the board so that it can choose the best performance for each employee (Heo & Chung, 2020). Apple understands the differences between motivated and familiar groups and in this way focuses on using the relevant authority to achieve its financial goals. Apple, in this way, ensures that its representatives are commended and encouraged to work hard and with a keen mind that ensures high quality and thoughtful things.

Cultural Differences

Apple has consistently held working with different employees as part of its business operations. In spite of experiencing minor difficulties the association even though it all ensures that it is different for the staff and staff to have the option to implement a variety of creative and creative ideas. Denise Young Smith who is the Vice President for good variety and inclusion at Apple gave a report in 2017 on the development of proven diversity among employees and currently, the organization has 32 percent female representatives. In addition Apple is white with 54 per cent, nine per cent black, 13 per cent Spanish, 3 per cent multiracial, 21 per cent Asia while it all contains different circles. The organization added in detail that most of the representatives elected earlier this year were from the party representing the new world.

The organization also continues to employ a wide range of staff compared to its current staff. The organization also focuses on appointing direct representatives to senior positions and not starting with section positions. Despite being a very strategic organization with a large number of minority networks in the United States, part of the operation of these networks in spite of all holding low purchasing power. Then again, if the focus is on the management structure the men will hold about 71% of the starting positions in the organization and in this position the position of a few positions is not effectively addressed. In comparison to other innovative organizations Apple is similarly trying to ensure that its employees communicate with a diverse environment on the basis of its customer base. In any case, the organization is investing in a well-thought-out government in the creative business (Heo, Kim & Chung, 2019).

Various Moral Influences

Staff relations

A senior employee connection guides the affiliates and performs a positive long-term positive response just for the better representative relationship on the board. At the point where employees in the organization have a strong connection the organization can successfully achieve the two non-financial related financial objectives. Apple Inc. as a notable professional organization has always insisted on building good relations between its representatives. The organization uses a forced sharing method and employees are always allowed to share their muscles using an open communication framework. With the inclusion of good employee communication, Apple can remain among the most profitable organizations in the tech business. By ensuring that the best relationships are maintained and that they remain strong, their creative ability is enhanced and there is a great deal of conflict between employees (Kianto, Sáenz & Aramburu, 2017).

Apple's approach to power sharing ensures that strong labor relations continue to provide representatives with the opportunity to plan and implement identified measures for the betterment of its employees. Apple ensures that it communicates with its representatives in each business activity by seeking their advices. Apple has always given priority to the opinion given by its employees. In addition it includes representatives in important elections urging them to remain loyal to the organization. The organization ensures that the lives of its employees are continuously improved.

Code of Conduct and Social Commitment

Thanks to its merger culture, Apple has achieved a critical look far. However, the organization has faced difficult times with regard to human rights in the way the organization cares for its representatives. The organization has been tested primarily on how it handles its redistributed work. Despite the great difficulties the association has progressed by setting certain principles of organizational unity work (Narayan & Ramu, 2018). The organization itself recognizes that every employee in the organization is entitled to a code of conduct as long as it is protected in the workplace. The organization also ensures that guidelines are applied by having boots on the ground that lead to reviews and discussions with management on production lines.

The organization has also developed a program of supportive work that provides loving care in a compassionate manner that meets the required standards and procedures. For example, the organization has introduced an environmental, health and safety center which sets out its objectives to address issues that lead to breaches of the code of conduct and safety in the organization (Paam et al. 2019). The organization also directs that directness is a component that ensures ethical performance in all organizational activities.

Organizational and Staff Development

Most organizations currently use staff development projects so that they can choose to improve presentation and make a profit. Business development can range from giving customers the best possible management in building a strong corporate culture that reinforces authoritative goals. Apple Inc. Customer Awareness Culture helped the organization to stay focused on the fraudulent business. At the foundation of Apple University it is a sign that Apple as an organization is focused on ensuring that its employee is given the best possible preparation. The organization focuses on giving its representatives special and weak powers that give employees the ability to agree to go to the organization and ensure that all business activities are available. Accordingly, the organization ensures that all its new employees are recruited into the organization in preparation for management. The organization ensures that all standards set to improve staff capacity and performance are maintained in order to operate and enhance their exhibition (Shamim et al. 2016).

The IHRM Practice in Google

Murder research is being modified to give amazing results to Google's favorite creators. After a cycle of criticism, management met to investigate this friendship test. The basic point is to advance the criticism by asking every manager to confirm their decisions with each other. Managers have been taught the traps that are expected to target input, one of which is the wisdom of emphasizing the recent assassination of a representative. With this in mind, the foremen select the final candidate for the test. The draft of these allocation plans is shared annually and is compared to a number of guidelines for validating testing. Representatives are then educated about their salary, and yet the pay is selected independently of the tests that take place during the survey. Google keeps pay-per-view discussions separate and peer criticism for the purpose of providing appropriate motivation to its employees, which will enhance and enhance Google's success (Zambounis et al. 2016).

Recommendations on Apple Inc. Human Resource Management


It illustrates the theme that the organizational system takes over as well as the motivation to make any changes. Employees need to understand why decisions exist before they can work together on their own actions. Apple’s complex mystery of high-level control and unbalanced mindset has to be changed.


Empowerment is empowered to involve people in selection and to make them accountable for performing specific tasks. Steve Jobs himself and his reinstatement must stop making all decisions without involving staff and cooperation. The representative contribution is about their interest in the hierarchical power system. The inclusion of substantial representation is concerned with deforestation or risk reduction. Employees can be placed within the organization through ownership or consolidation.


Assessing architecture and award structure should be focused on the work. Apple must put in place the appropriate framework for evaluating performance in that area and in the same way to differentiate well-performing people and find them in the same way.

Conclusion on Apple Inc. Human Resource Management

Apparently, the apple has many good ideas that are the quality of the organization including strong management, driving, and the gifts of dedicated and dedicated people. Yet it is also clear that the general organizational process of the organization is defined as the unambiguous definition of assurance and the lack of organization of people with a management system. A change in an official culture is therefore important and should be conducive to and achieve economic success in the long run.

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