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The Australian Moving Image

Mad Max: Fury Road is an Australian movie produced in 2015 and directed by George Miller. The film setting is "in a post-apocalyptic wasteland where a woman rebels against a tyrannical ruler in search of her homeland with the help of a certain group of women prisoners, a psychotic worshipper and a drifter who was named Max."[1]To ensure a beautiful artwork, George Miller has collaborated with other producers to ensure that the film is delineated in a pleasing viewer scene encompassed with amusement and essential follow up story. Thus, Miller has incorporated Brendan McCarthy and Nico Lathouris as an aid in the screenplay. The film was distributed by the Warner Bros pictures from the 14th May 2015 in the UK before being released in Australia in the next month. Subsequent releases to other destinations across the globe followed up in the consequent years. Mad Max: Fury road showcases for 120 minutes and comprises of action, adventure, and science fiction genre. The Fury road work elaborates on a better side of its predecessor, 'Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.'Mad Max; Fury Road is filmed at an Australian Desert where humanity is experiencing a scarcity of water and petrol as it was only provided by one ruler(Immortan Joe) who was being worshipped as the god of the entire region.[2] It encompasses Tom Hardy, like Max, Charlize Theron, as Furiosa, Nicholas Hoult (Nux), Immortan Joe, as the movie's leading stars. Furiosa is trying to flee the 'god' of the land with four other women prisoners trying to ascertain their real homeland. On their way, they happen to meet Max, who joins them in the escape attempt.

This essay is primarily focused on delineating how Mad Max; fury road explores the identity of various characters being showcased. Furthermore, the essay will expatiate how these movies have depicted a national identity and eventually to sum with the role displayed by gender differences variations from in the film. Firstly, Fury road has depicted the identity of both Max and Furiosa, who are much ascertained to their main courses of the fight. With a commencing of voice over by Max, he elaborates how he was once a cop who walked freely from one place to another but right now, he is just a 'wanted man' being hunted down by Immortal Joe's soldier. Max once had a daughter and a wife, but both died, and he was now wandering on edge due to trauma. Max's character identifies how the loss of child and wife's essential properties leads to the distraction of perspectives and course in life. As he wanders through the Citadel a desert, he is trying to depict the main reason why that all happened to him. However, despite all the circumstances happening to him, Max remains to delineate the high standard of national identity by being loyal to his by dwelling permanently in his native area.

Similarly, the character of Furiosa, the imperator, depicts the national consciousness within her at Citadella. Due to her obedience to Important Joe, she has been entrusted with the power to mandate the war boys, and she was even leading them severally to the oil refineries[3]. Similarly, the people under the leadership of Immortal Joe identify the national identity since they are the basic national identity concepts. As a national identity employs power from the authority to the people, individuals under the Immortal Joes leadership are an excellent example of identity exploration[4]. Similarly, Nux characters deploy the loyalty servants often have towards their bosses. He is fighting very untiring from Immortal Joe's order with the urge to get close to Furiosa and cuff her back to the Citadella[5]. Nux's character exemplifies identity by putting forward the efficient activities since he could 'pullover' his ambitions of stopping Furiosa after seeing her with the four maidens of Immortal Joe who were to sire male offspring's.

On the performance of national identity, Furiosa has depicted how the patriotic belief can be employed disrespectfully by individual leaders in the authority who, in turn, leave people with no course to believe after being ripped off all their freedoms and rights. Furiosa was from a different region other than Citadella, where he was leaving. She has been articulating one day to depict if still, her homeland exists. After being for a while constrained to Immortal Joe's rule, she decides one day to escape. Furiosa's character is an essential means of depicting how bereavement of national identity could lead to loss, of course, and an individual feels there is nothing worth fighting.[6].As humanity is fond of believing in something worthy to value, its inadequacy creates a space for finding another one to believe. Thus, Furiosa decides to one day kidnap Immortal Joe's maidens with the urge of taking to a safer place away from their 'god.' Similarly, Max depicts the sense of national identity by denoting that he does not belong to the Citadella clan and try all means to escape before a 'road trip' aided by Furiosa escape from Immortan Joe's war boys. After being captured, he is under severe punishments and feels the sense of non-belonging to the Citadella clan who are very brutal to people, primarily due to the inhumane activities of Immortal Joe. As human beings have the urge to be free to do all their activities at their times and places, the containment will tend to raise distrust scenarios in which if an opportunity is ascertained; there is an excellent chance of revolt.

Besides, on the national identity performance, Immortal Joe's has adopted a belief to be the god of Citadella since he is the one mandated to provide life to the whole population inhabiting his region. Everyone within Citadella depends upon the water, which is only released upon Immortal Joe's orders. This has created a national identity belief by the people that they must be the servant of the head of the region for one to survive in the place. Similarly, even Immortal Joe's servants tend to believe that their god was the only immortal creature around the place, and nothing could have raised his or her voice to question orders that have been laid out. This illusion has always kept the entire population in Citadella to believe that Immortal Joe acted as a sign of life since what he provided ensured the 'life wheel' continued to rotate.

Similarly, the head of every nation often acts as a symbol of national unity.[7]This often makes the whole populace circumvented under one authoritative leader who can determine the essential programs and activities daily in someone's life. Human beings are often obligated to deliver according to the authority mandating their daily basic needs in contemporary times. For instance, society today will always value the well-off individuals in society since they are the ones who often employ them at various jobs and are the source for most of their fiscal needs. Furthermore, Nux has exemplified loyalty and relentlessness in his duty, thus depicting a national identity to his place. Though Nux was suffering from Blood'pank' he argues with his brother on who to control the 'wheels' despite him not being fit to go for a war. His activity has delineated how servants can have a tremendous sense of belonging to their nation, which raises their beliefs to a particular goal. He leads with his brother to chase the Imperator Furiosa after escaping away with Immortal Joe's five maidens. He fights very hard up to the point his brother succumbs to death after their 'wheels 'overturns and explodes. His relentless attitude depicts how having a national consciousness about society will implicate a purposive campaign towards a common positive goal[8].

On the other hand, Mad Max: Fury Road's characters have displayed gender effectively as it is being felt exactly in our society today[9]. Firstly, men are employed as a fighting force in society. In Citadella, under Joe's authority, all the men needed to join the war boy squad since all of them were obligated to protect the entire region in case of an attack. Nux's brother was among the 'wheels 'leaders in ten war boys’ squads since every group in the fighting force had its role[10]. Similarly, the men were employed to fetch the essential material to the kingdom, like oil and other feeding materials. Men were the ones who could be sent to oil refineries to get oil under the leadership of Furiosa since she was the only lady who was mandated to undertake male duties due to her excellent fighting and driving skills.[11] Men are still employed as servants of society since they were the ones who could serve people with food and water during the essential times of the activities.

Furthermore, men were the ones who could be used to do repairs to the automobiles that were possessed by Immortal Joe, and no one else apart from Furiosa could have done that. Similarly, males were obligated to be answerable to Immortal Joe in case of any problems since they had been given the duty of taking care of the kingdom. Similarly, the men were to do anything even if it was to die under the command of Immortan Joe to ensure all his wants were met. Thus, the men in Citadella from Mad Max: Fury road movie were to ensure all orders from their leader were executed effectively with no individuals promising to raise any riots concerns.

Furthermore, women in Mad Max: Fury road had various roles and responsibilities like their counterpart males; however, most of their chores were limited to the Immortal Joes surrounding. Firstly, a selection of the right breed of maidens was constrained by Joe since she was after using them to sire male children who could be his offspring. The five women kept by Immortan Joe were wonderful, and he could use them to sire his offspring because he could not get ones of his own. The women were also important in Immortan Joe's 'tunnels 'since they were obligated to ensure that the place was kept clean and executed all other food preparation activities.[12] Women were the only maids who served the leader of Citadella due to their humble and polite services. Most of the time, after men came from fights or gas stations, women were the ones who could attend to them in all means.

Furthermore, some women were midwives to the Immortans maidens who had been preserved for siring male children. Besides, some women were used as nurses and doctors to their fellow women during ailing times. In a nutshell, if it was not for Furiosa only who had the opportunity to match an army of war boys to oil refineries and repairing the automobiles[13], most of the women had any other business in the presence of Immortan Joe rather than doing kitchen and cleaning services within the tunnel of Citadella's leader.[14]

Conclusively, George Miller's film has depicted how the national identity within an individual can lead to various activities that could depict activities of patriotism or 'treachery within a society. From the essay, we have been able to depict how Furiosa and Max were laid in a positive course after both of them losing in one way or the other, and Max had lost his daughter and wife while Furiosa was obligated to return to her homeland far away from the orders of Immortan Joes. Similarly, Immortan Joes has made people adopt him as their god due to his activities of providing the basic needs to people scarcely. Nux also was constrained to a relentless positive course of fighting under Immortan Joe's order until she met with Furiosa and Max, who made an 'alliance' with him. Eventually, males in the film were mainly accorded with safeguarding their region while females were indented with kitchen activities and cleaning within the tunnel. Consequently, Mad Max: Fury Road has been able to depict how an individual's national identity constitutes a lot to the course of belief and duties executed in a community.

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