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Applied Business Project

Introduction to Morgan Motor Company

The Morgan Motor Company is an exclusive car manufacturing company in England since 1909 and till now has been owned single-handedly by the Morgan family. The vision of the organization is to provide a suitable antidote to bulk- manufacturing automobile building which brings an extraordinary blend of conventional workmanship and accurate current equipment. At present, the company launched the Plus Four which is relied on the CX- Generation platform same as of Plus Six. The competitive advantage theory is based on the view that low-cost labour is pervasive and natural resources are not vital for a better economy. The report focuses on the challenges faced by the company in designing a car while managing the present values of security and the ecological effect Grebenshchikova (& Yakushev, 2017).



The political environment of the UK automobile segment is suitable to assist the manufacturing of more Morgan cars in the UK marketplace as it has the appropriate political power to assist research and development exercises for the production of the Morgan cars (Vargas-Hernandez & Medrano, 2020).


The car market in the UK seems to be appropriate for the introduction of the Morgan cars as the economic capacity of the marketplace is high. Present statistics depict that more than 80 per cent of the populace residing in the urban locations and the income per capita are composed to be more than the average statistics in the European continent (Vargas-Hernandez & Medrano, 2020).


The UK seems to have comprised car possession as a social need. This seems to be a reality as the utilization of the cars has been apparent as a vital implementer of regular responsibilities (Fiol, 2018).


The country is considered to be the world’s major technological powerhouse for implementing the green energy. The motor company uses the low carbon technologies in which both the public and private participation is involved (Hernández & Garcia, 2018).

Porter Forces

The three generic procedures, as directed by Porter, which can be used by an organization to achieve competitive advantage are focus, differentiation, and cost leadership.

Cost leadership

The most important aspect of achieving competitive advantage is cost leadership. The bases of the cost advantage are altered and dependent on the arrangement of the commerce. They may integrate the pursuit for economies of the scale, élite invention, and specific admittance to crude material, and diverse components. Cost leadership require a low degree of work, and effective preparing system given high turnover Grebenshchikova (& Yakushev, 2017).


The second tactic is differentiation, in this firm looks to be exceptional by some measurement that persuade the purchaser to choose the firm’s product. The firm is needed to be different from other competitors. Differentiation can be distinctive form in the industry itself. Differentiation can be distinctive in manufacture, crude material, and advertising expertise or other specific business (Vargas-Hernandez & Medrano, 2020).


Corporations that use focus tactics ponder on precise segment marketplaces and, by comprehending the fundamentals of that marketplace and the inimitable requirements of customers surrounded by it, develop extraordinarily least price or much determined articles for the marketplace.

According to the Porter's Generic Strategy model, Morgan Motors can be put in the differentiation segment since the cost of the Morgan vehicles is very high so maintain the cost leadership is not possible. More precisely because they are not vending their item at a normal marketplace cost (Hernández & Garcia, 2018).

Impact of Industry Life Cycle

The product advancement is the beginning point in the Product Life Cycle, during this time the corporation focuses on invention and development of different product. The launch of different product in the market is generally illustrated by reasonable sales. These sales may develop slightly overtime. A rapid advancement in sales as early adopters replace pioneers as the fundamental customer segment happens in the growth stage of the PLC. The maturity stage of the PLC is an important stage for a company since it demonstrates the prosperity of the product. The vehicles manufactured by the Morgan Motor Company falls under the Maturity stage (Hernández, Lemus & Medrano, 2020).

Success Factor

The most extreme factor of the achievement of the Morgan vehicles is its very much qualified and experienced human asset of the company.

VRIO Analysis

To prompt a sustainable competitive advantage a source should be Valuable, Rare, Inimitable, and Organized.


  • Materials
  • Reputation
  • Craft ability
  • High experienced workers

The assets and abilities are significant of the Morgan motor and its qualities of the organization. Morgan assets are important in incremental income and decrease the assembling cost and increasingly proficient consummation of the venture. Morgan motors have significant properties like its craft skill, devices which were utilized in Egyptian time, endowed workforce. The debris wood which is utilized in Morgan vehicle is additionally given novel shape to every vehicle, due to this all Morgan vehicles are unique in comparison to one another (Indartono & Wibowo, 2017).


  • Limited version
  • Rare materials
  • Design
  • Unique vehicles
  • Choice of shading

Organization has something uncommon and is not effectively achievable by other competitor like Morgan motor has its experienced work power; above all staff needs to complete a five-year tenure to be an integral part of the organization. Above all staff who are a part of the handwork like, vehicle painter, framework originator who shape casing and wood crafter are for the most part has a place with the same commencements. This is the rare portion of Morgan motors. Blend of important assets and irregularity position Morgan motors in competitive advantage (Johannessen & Olsen, 2019).


  • Skilled representatives
  • Design
  • Materials
  • Brand name

Imitability can be conceivable with immaterial assets like specialist aptitude, patent, specific material and so on. Morgan has this favourable position due to the work power, shading decision for the vehicles. A large portion of the vehicle organization give shading assortment of 10 to 20 greatest, however, just Morgan is the main organization which gives a variety of right around 35,000 unique colours water-based and oil-based. These are a primary competitive advantage for the Morgan. According to the research Morgan vehicles are incomparable with its asset and capacities bases (Leonidou et al. 2017).


  • Strategy
  • Tea break
  • Friendly climate

A company's proper monitoring structure is a depiction of who in the association reports to whom; it is regularly represented in a company's association outline. The board control frameworks incorporate a scope of formal and casual components to guarantee the chiefs are acting in manners reliable with a company's techniques. Morgan motor is private family firm however the association is not a levelled structure which contrasts, any staff can legitimately introduce issue or proposal to the executives. Segments of' association are frequently called corresponding possessions and dimensions since they have limited dimensions to manufacture competitive advantage in segregation. Though in mixture with diverse resources and capabilities they can sanction a firm to comprehend its supreme aptitude for competitive advantage. Morgan considers that "Our incredible resources are our peoples” (Rahma & Pradhanawati, 2018).

Compare with Success Factor

Bowman's strategy clock helps in evaluating Morgan motors serious methodologies as it utilizes client's or market apparent worth additionally to make methodology. The spotlight isn't simply on cost as it is not demonstrated if an adjustment in cost changes a piece of the pie. Morgan motors serious methodology can be promoted or talked about by utilizing a procedure block model created by Jenkins. This model considers:

  • The apparent item benefits
  • Price to the client
  • Cost of creating the item (Vargas-Hernández & Garcia, 2019)

Morgan's have been fruitful in the past as they possess the situation with significant expense and high advantages. The Morgan vehicles sell at an excellent cost and their additional advantages contrasted with different vehicles in its range are the brand picture, natural cordiality and extravagance quality (Simpson, Reader & Tzima, 2020).

Potential Issues

The potential issues that industry confronting monetary issue before an emergency happens in reality. Car organization needs to consider another fuel choice which they are doing in their innovative work yet they need to act quickly on that and present half and half vehicles like Toyota Prius. The car ventures need to dispatch distinctive vehicle model for the various locale in the world. Organization needs to dispatch new business-related model because as one individual driving vehicle with a limit of at least four individuals can situate. Organization and vehicle holders need to ponder the vehicle sharing framework to receive most in return (Hernández & Garcia, 2018).

Conclusion on Morgan Motor Company Analysis

In conclusion, automotive production is the ultimate trade, currently, everyone relies on that directly or aggressively. Cars are in the form of a picture before a decade ago but now the picture has changed and now the working class can manage the cost of his family car. Each time in the declining car industry it requires a lot of patience because of its cost. The analysis of Porter forces states the value of cost leadership, differentiation, and focus in the Morgan motors. Most organizations now build units in certain countries so they benefit from the government and also know the application of the car industry neighbors. Chrysler like a great player has ruined himself. The automotive company Morgan Britain has just completed its 100th anniversary of the emergence of such a budget emergency, but it has come out with the same image as 100 years ago. Morgan's name remains the same because of one of the graceful designs and scope of handmade cars.

References for Morgan Motor Company Analysis

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