Key Concepts in Human Resource Management

Abstract on Key Concepts in Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management is basically a process of hiring, maintaining and also motivating the labor force in the organization so that the goal of the organization can be achieved effectively and efficiently and it also deals with all the problems that the employee face in an organization which are related to the training, communication, hiring, development, administration. The ultimate goal of the Human Resource management ensures that the employee is satisfied so that the employee can contribute its maximum efforts in the organization to achieve its goal. This project focuses on how the skills and knowledge of human resource management are important functions of the organization .It also focuses on the HRM theories to formulate the strategies so as to have a successful workplace. It also draws attention towards the effect of HRM practices on social, economic, environmental, ethical factors that have an impact on the labour force market and the organization. This paper highlights the relevance of HRM theories and approaches that helps to manage the employees in domestic and global workplaces. Lastly it will draw attention towards the solutions that should be provided for the HRM requirements now and also in the future. The methodology used in this paper is secondary research. It was found that the challenges are increasing at an increasing rate therefore a well defined plan and strategy would work.

Introduction to Key Concepts in Human Resource Management

Human resource management is a process of recruiting an employee, selecting, providing orientation to employees, provide training to enhance their skills and knowledge of the organization, decide their compensation and benefits, ensures that the employee is provided with all the safety measures in compliance with labour laws and at last follows the orders of the high court and supreme court if any. The core functions of the Human resource management are Managerial functions, operative functions and lastly Advisory functions. The Managerial functions includes human resource planning where research work play an important part as it decides how many employees are needed to finish the task and then it is followed up by the organization. Directing and controlling. The operative functions includes recruitment and selection after which job analysis and design is done, provide the employee with performance appraisal, training and development, maintainence and labour relations. The advisory functions includes advised to top management and departmental heads. There are various issues that are faced in human resource management which are as Globalization, technology, managing diversity, containing costs, growing employee expectations.

The paper focuses on three main domain which are Hospitality, Aged care and Banking.

1. Hospitality: Human resource management provides a direction to the employees of an organization and it includes various activities but the main challenge arises because of staffing. As we all know that hospitality industry is full of opportunity and also it have a significant role in the world also but on the other hand it faces alarming problems and also fixing them is a role of the HR department.. The contribution of the employee is low as they are not aware about what they are doing in the organization because of lack of information is being provided to them which further leads to low productivity therefore it is very necessary to train them wherever required and they should also know how to deal with it. The HR department keeps the record of the skills required by employees and they deploy them for the right team project. The main problems faced in this industry are as follows:

  • Increased employee turnover: This is the problem of every industry because if the turnover is done on daily basis then it will create the problem in the industry as people always aspires to get better as compared to what they are currently doing so whenever they get a better job they go for it. Therefore it worsens the situation of the industry as the employee hired in the industry are doing the job just for the sake of doing it. The main reason why the turnover happen are because of the employees quitting the jobs that they are currently doing and also by firing them directly. Therefore it should also be taken into the consideration.
  • Increased Harassment cases: This is the problem which is faced almost in all the industries and it is also embarrassing and disgraceful that it prevails almost in all the spheres of life. It generally happens when the employee in the superior position harass their low level employee in the organization. Earlier people never take this into consideration so they avoid when being harassed but nowadays they are taking action towards them.
  • Lack of Quality Service: There are shortage of employees and the customers are overcrowded therefore the quality of the service is being impacted therefore when the workload is increase their performance gets degraded due to so much pressure where the HR department has to take all the blame all by himself.

It is very important to overcome the challenges that are faced in the hospitality industry because of the increase in the competition in the local as well as in the global stage so to attain the success in the organization many companies are becoming strong day by day and also customer oriented which draws attention towards the changing environment due to which the HR have to adjust according to the market. The problems that the HR faces are preserving strategic personnel and promoting employee talent therefore the solution to such problems are the HR should plan progression of business and provide supervision to their members which further help in putting up the values and beliefs in the changing environment of the organization.

The strategies to overcome the problems are as follows:

  • Managing Technology: Almost in all the organization the recruitment process is majorly done with the help of the software packages where sales, training and the performance assessment is been tracked by the machine to know the progress or failure of it. Therefore with the help of the technology all the activities of the company such as health care benefits, human resource development and also stipulation changes can easily be tracked effectively and efficiently.
  • Managing change: We all know that in the changing environment the work done today is not same as the work which is done say 10 years ago where the assignments and responsibility keeps on changing almost every day. Therefore the employees should also accept the transformation as it will drastically change the functioning pattern and type of working. The HR should manage the change by creating urgency for any situation that may arise, they should also create collation to guide the efforts, they should communicate the leader’s goal, the change should be linked with the business strategy, they should always motivate the employees, it is also essential to plan the short term strategy and the benefits.
  • Managing knowledge worker: It is managed by increasing the independence and authority, they should always have loyalty towards the organization, training and development should be provided to each and every employee to enhance their skills, employer at every stage should motivate their employees, the communication channels should be stated well before so that it should not hinder the communication process in the organization.

2. Aged Care: It simply means fulfillment of the special needs and requirements that are unique to senior citizens and also providing them various services as assisted living, home care, nursing homes, long term care etc. The HR should know that the standards 6,7,8 plays an important role in the aged care sector where it ensures that the workforce is trained, qualified and it ensures that the culture is safe, accountable and maintain an effective system in the organizational governance and also seek input from the workforce for the improvement of aged care recipients and organization.

Challenges faced in the aged care industry:

  • Recruitment in Healthcare: The recruitment process in the aged care industry is nowadays very difficult because of shrinking talent pool and medical field force demographic. This process will be managed by taking the patient care and safety into consideration then the process will be more involved while on the other hand validation of certificate and licensure is also important.
  • Increasing Workforce Productivity: In the past, hospitals have often made the mistake of requiring doctors and nurses to do more in less time which further leads to high level of absenteeism, low employee satisfaction. Therefore the HR management must use staff sensibly instead of burdening them everytime on the other hand automation also reduces the workload in setting up the clinical protocols. It is also essential to do targeted training which enables to have a flexible use of staff which leads to employee satisfaction. Doctors and nurses spend less time on unpopular administrative tasks, which reduces loss of information and frictional losses.

To overcome these problems the HR manager should promote the healthy living regularly throughout your office also they should provide various kinds of resource like healthy snacks in the break room and also encourage all the employees in the organization to move around during the breaks or say provide them with healthy practices like yoga mats or weights. It is also important as an employer to take care of the mental health seriously and also ensure that the employees are getting al what they need as a help. Also the Hr manager should promote peer support so that it helps in fostering a healthier, stronger team of professionals in an organization.

3. Banking:

  • The Skills Gap.
  • Shortage of Mid-Career Candidates: The problem in the economy is not only having lack of fresh faced grads but also there is a shortage of mid-career candidates, if we take the example of financial crisis 2008 then many people were forced to leave the financial services and now if we talk about then these candidates are in high demand now as the economy is improved which is boosting the confidence and the growth of the industry. It is also important for the financial sector to recruit the talent people who already have knowledge in the payroll, accounts receivable and payable in the other sectors.

The HR manager should develop plans and also try to come up with some policies that will help the companies and their employees to have best talent and also be capable enough to overcome with the sluggish economy. To keep the employee happy the HR manager should encourage the continued education, offer them incentive programs and also have a positive workplace culture. The HR manager should encourage a continued education to their employees so that they can improve their skills which will not only benefit in the personal level but also the company.

Conclusion on Key Concepts in Human Resource Management

It is very common that almost in all the industries there are some of the challenges that may hinder the growth of the organization therefore it is the responsibility of the HR manager to take this into consideration and find solution to the problems which further help in promoting the business success. Most of the challenges which are mentioned above in the Hospitality, aged care and banking sector not only reflects the current professional setting that the business find themselves in but they may continue to be important for the future generations. The field that can be difficult and stressful is the medical field as the people are tasked with managing and supporting doctors and nurses, Also the Spine HRMS in the healthcare sector need to be partnered with practitioners in improving employee engagement, job satisfaction, and in turn, the quality of patient care. With the right tools in place, they can help employees become more effective, efficient—and more satisfied—in the tasks that are bestowed upon them. It will be beneficial if the HR manager find ways to solve these problems which will help the company in providing the group tools that is going to last them through the years. The specifics may change but the base necessities will be the same in the organization. The HR manager should also focus on communication encouragement as it is very surprise to say that most of the professional leader are not good in communicating therefore the HR should look into the seminars and online resources that encourage communication and also they can offer them online education that will help in fostering the progress in the workplace.

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