• Subject Name : Management

Working with Diversity and Conflict

Executive Summary

This report provides a complete critical analysis of the Accenture diversity policy. The methods of critical analysis include Diversity Strategy & Procedure, Implement of policy, Measures to monitor diversity & inclusion policy, diversity leadership role & some suggested measures to improve diversity policy of Accenture.


Results of analyzed data show that the company's commitment to diversity is not be practiced at the ground level. All the questions that arise during the critical analysis can be found in the appendices.


The reports find that leaders need more efforts to implement the policy in the workplace. The major areas of improvement require further investigation and remedial solutions by the organization.


  • Developing a more comprehensive culture be a company priority for management.
  • Gender-balanced be a priority for the management
  • A feeling of belonging is essential to advancing in an organization


This report also investigates the fact that critical analysis conducted has some limitations. Some of the limitations include -No exact facts, figures, graphs & index which show the ratio of leadership priorities in diversity are not provided. Not enough current details are provided. All the analysis was done to be based on employee’s perception.


1.0 Introduction..

2.0 Diversity Policies Purpose and its Uses.

2.1 Key Components of an Effective Diversity Policy.

3.0 Accenture Diversity Policy.

3.1 Accenture work to progress diversity policy.

3.2 Diversity policy Included.

3.3 Diversity Strategies & Procedure that are incorporated in policy.

4.0 Accenture Implementation of Diversity Policy.

4.1 Actual practice of policy.

4.2 Measures to ensure & monitor diversity and inclusion within the policy.

4.3Analysis on Strength & Weakness in Organization..

4.4 Strengths.

4.5 Weakness.

5.0 Accenture Diversity Leadership.

5.1 Role of leaders.

5.2 Leadership In charge.

5.3 Leader's commitment to implementing a more equal culture.

6.0 Suggested Improvement on Accenture's Diversity Policy.

6.1 Bold Leadership.

6.2 Comprehensive Action..

6.3 Empowering Environment

6.4 Improvement brings positive results to the organization..

6.5 Strategy to improve its policy to ensure better diversity & inclusion management

7.0 Conclusion.

8.0 References.

1.0 Introduction to Accenture Diversity Policy Analysis

In an organization to maintain diversity is a difficult process. The management of workforce diversity plays an important role to enhance the organizational benefit that cannot be stressed, especially when the present situation changes across the world. The workforce diversity comes up mainly to provide equal opportunities further at the workplace. The main purpose of providing equal opportunity is to make sure that the firms make most out of the talent from diverse employees rather than losing talent. Diversity brings assortment that requires to be supported, recognized, and cultivated in terms of enhancing several benefits of organization in this competitive world (Ethnic Diversity in the Workplace | Accenture, 2020).

Purpose of Diversity policy:-The main aim of this policy is to provide equal opportunity to all the employees of an organization no matter what their background is in terms of their religion, origin, age, gender, nationality, and social class. It holds out against all kinds of unlawful discrimination.

Scope: To critically evaluate existing diversity policy and develop procedures and strategies that enhance organizational culture and climate to uplift diversity and inclusion.

Objective: To achieve success in the global market by giving importance to the diversity policy.

2.0 Diversity Policies Purpose and its Uses

Diversity policies bring some benefits to the organization particularly in the growth of the company. They are effective in the following way:-

  • Enhance the wider range of skills
  • Enhance company reputation
  • Minimize the employee turnover
  • Increased productivity
  • Better the employee engagement
  • Maximize the profit
  • Enhance the creativity and better the company's cultural awareness

2.1 Key Components of an Effective Diversity Policy

  • Information about the regular progress of an organization
  • Training programs
  • Focussed recruitment process
  • Practicing Diversity and Inclusion training program in an organization
  • Appointing Diversity Manager
  • Frequently reviewing the diversity policy

3.0 Accenture Diversity Policy

Accenture is a major worldwide professional services organization, delivering a wide variety of facilities and solutions in IT, BPO consulting, technology strategy, and operation departments. The Global Inclusion & Diversity section was set altogether with two international governance bodies to win diversity policy all over the world (Inclusion and Diversity in the United States | Accenture, 2020).

  • Accenture Diversity Board – High ranked leaders make decisions about inclusion & diversity policy
  • Diversity Forum- Leaders who suggest creative solutions to challenge diversity and inclusion policy

3.1 Accenture Work to Progress Diversity Policy

  • Building a diverse form of a board of directors
  • Developing equality in the workplace
  • Advancing skills
  • Executing transparency

 3.2 Diversity policy Included

  • Stand up for disturbing culture
  • Speak openly about the forbearance for retaliation
  • Handle each other with regards
  • Deal in obedience with the highest standards of professional behaviour
  • Trustworthy relationship
  • Non discriminate based on the individual's background
  • No Individual disputes of relationship are created inside the organization

3.3 Diversity Strategies & Procedure that Are Incorporated in Policy

  • Gender Equality –Developing an environment of equality inside the organization
  • Embracing LGBTQ+community –LGBTQ+community includes transgender, gays, lesbians, and bisexual community
  • Welcome the individual with disabilities at the workplace- Company does best practices for accepting more persons with disabilities
  • Moral and Racial Diversity in the workplace-Company does best practices for developing Moral and Racial Diversity in workplace

4.0 Accenture Implementation of Diversity Policy

4.1 Actual Practice of Policy

  • Accenture is at an escalation point when it comes to talking about cultural equality at the workplace when we talk about this at the ground level research shows that there is a large perception gap between what leaders think is going on and what the staff experiencing. ("Culture of Equality in The Workplace | Accenture", 2020)
  • Higher authorities say that the culture of equality is essential and their perception is that the organizations are inclusive but employees' experienced it very differently. Despite enhancing awareness programs still, there is a perception gap (Inclusion and Diversity at Accenture, 2020)
  • Higher authority or senior leaders think that culture is essential but the majority of them are not prioritizing it (Brownlee, 2020)

4.2 Measures to Ensure & Monitor Diversity and Inclusion Within the Policy

  • By evaluating the perception gap
  • By quantifying the influence of eliminating the perception gap
  • By evaluating the influence of thinking gap on employee's performance

4.4 Strengths

  • World's largest IT and business consultancy firm.
  • Great Service Distribution Network
  • Strong Client-Driven Approach
  • Experienced Workforce
  • Frequent improvement in its Expertise

4.5 Weakness

  • Lean only on its consultancy part of the business
  • Lack of Cooperation

5.0 Accenture Diversity Leadership

Leadership reinforcement from the initial stages of implementation has been elemental to the growth of the organization's events ("Accenture CEO: Diversity and Inclusion Start from Within", 2020). Accenture trust that management starts with senior leaders by transmitting and delivering the message that diversity is an all matter of life and death in business (EVERFI, 2020).

5.1 Role of Leaders

A small group of higher authority leaders altogether called as culture makers. They are all connected with the employees, and they acknowledge the significance of cultural factors such as remunerate transparency, ease of access family leave, and freedom to help the employee in their growth and development (Jiang, 2020).

5.2 Leadership In Charge

Ellyn Shook work as a chief leadership officer and there is also a separate position for diversity leadership (Inclusion and Diversity at Accenture, 2020).

5.3 Leader's Commitment to Implementing a More Equal Culture

These leaders implement three basic spectra of Say-Do-Drive.

  • Say:-Developing a more comprehensive culture is a company priority
  • Do: - Realize the significance of culture and recognize the change
  • Drive:-Honour their employees for developing a more inclusive culture

6.0 Suggested Improvement on Accenture's Diversity Policy

To build a culture of equality and enhance the growth of the organization it is important to work on three main pillars (2020).

6.1 Bold Leadership

Gender diversity is a priority for the organization ("Equality & Innovation in the workplace", 2020)

  • A diversity aim or target has collaborated outside the company
  • The company mention their gender pay gap target and plans
  • Advancement on gender diversity is quantified and collaborated with employees
  • Senior Leaders are held responsible for enhancing gender divergent
  • A diversity target or goal has collaborated within the company
  • The team leadership is divergent

6.2 Comprehensive Action

  • The role of women in senior leadership has to be increased
  • Advancement has been made in engaging, maintaining and progressing women
  • The organization has a women's network that is openly accessible to women
  • The organization has a women's network that is available to both men and women
  • Men can be motivated to take a parental holiday
  • Workers trust that the company give equal pay to both men and women for the same assignment or project ("Ethnic Diversity in the Workplace | Accenture", 2020)

6.3 Empowering Environment

  • Workers have never been interrogated to change their looks to match up with the organization culture
  • Workers have the liberty to be productive and innovative
  • Practical working is publically available and widely practice
  • The company provides training to his workers to keep their skills as per required
  • Workers can keep away from long-sea-going travel through virtual meetings
  • Workers can allow working from home when they have some particular responsibility
  • Workers can be able to report any sexual harassment incident(s) to the organization
  • Workers feel trustworthy and are given liability ("Ethnic Diversity in the Workplace | Accenture", 2020)

6.4 Improvement Brings Positive Results to The Organization

  • Eliminating the gap will help the organization to develop in an excitable competitive economic environment that profit all employees
  • Eliminating the cultural gap will help the employee's desire & ability to be creative at the workplace which brings more profit to the organization
  • Feeling more involved, for any occasion, improves capacity while having a goal to reach the position of leadership is essential to give best performance in an organization ("Learn how equality Drives innovation", 2020)

6.5 Strategy to Improve Its Policy to Ensure Better Diversity & Inclusion Management

  • Leadership Management
  • Incorporating the advanced analytics and industry expertise to support organizations that grow diversity & Inclusion
  • Obtaining a comprehensive idea of your company position in the competitive market place
  • Collaborate with clients to advance equality
  • Use skills analytically
  • Embrace a holistic approach for actionable and measurable change
  • To provide the employees with innovative skills through tailored learning, developing a comprehensive culture
  • Training & development services customize practicing help organizations to enhance sustainable change

7.0 Conclusion on Accenture Diversity Policy Analysis

Accenture is a world top listed company, which delivers a high quality of work to its clients. The company is well known for its high performance but still, they required some efforts to maintain their diversity and inclusion in the workplace. The above discussion shows that the company's commitment to implement the diversity is not practiced at the ground level. Senior Leaders need more effort to implement the policy in the workplace.

In this competitive economic environment, to produce better financial outcomes leaders must develop more cultural equality and employees should be valued for their outstanding performance so that they will rise more in advancing the organization.

To become more diverse and inclusive the company must build more leadership teams that tune to gender-balance and culture in the workplace.

8.0 References for Accenture Diversity Policy Analysis

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