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Interested in setting up a colony on Mars? Are you one of those science enthusiasts that want to inhabit Mars? Well, then our Lattice Energy Assignment Help would be a perfect service for you! Wondering how our Lattice energy homework helps and your dream to inhabit Mars is connected? Figure that out in the knowledge distributed below!

The lattice energy of crystalline metals is the amount of energy that is released when metals form ionic bonds with each other. For this reason, it determines the toughness and other chemical properties of a metal crystal and a sheet of metal. To inhabit Mars, we would need reusable rockets like the Starship rocket conceptualized by Spacex. To build such rockets, it would be imperative to invest in understanding the lattice structure of the materials that would be used to build the ship. Thus, competent scientists with an understanding of lattice energy and how it works would be required. If you too want to understand how to colonize Mars, read the article further to understand lattice energy in depth.

Essentials of Lattice Energy Assignment Help

Essentials of Lattice Energy Assignment Help

What Are Ionic Bonds?

We know you are looking for lattice energy assignment help, and you might be wondering what Ionic bonds have got to do with it. Well, hold your intrigue and read the explanation below.

Ionic bonds form as a part of a chemical process that involves complete transfer of electrons. The electrons get transferred due to a potential difference in the electric field of the electron clouds of the two atoms. The electrostatic potential difference, gives rise to electrostatic attraction, between two ions of negating charge. Ionic bonds are found in a wide array of materials and are one of the primary bonds after covalent and metallic bonds. Ionic bonds are relevant because lattice energy is primarily discussed in the context of ionic compounds and bonds.

What is Lattice energy?

Lattice energy is estimated as the strength of a bond amidst the ionic compounds. When the compounds form, they either absorb or release energy. Ionic bonds form by releasing heat, thus making it an exothermic process. The amount of heat energy released while the formation of the band, would be equal to the amount of energy required to break the bond.

For example, table salt is a product of ionic bond formation between sodium and chlorine. Sodium loses an electron to donate it to chlorine and chlorine accepts an electron forming chlorine ions, to bond with sodium ions.

Vanderwaal forces and lattice energy

Vanderwaal forces exist between the uncharged atoms or molecules when other electrostatic charges are significantly absent. Van Der Waal forces are very weak and known as Vander Waals forces. However, it also adds up to the net lattice energy of a substance. Vander Waals forces become significant when

Bond Dissociation Energy

Like Ionic compounds have lattice energy, covalent bonds have bond-dissociation energies. It is the energy that it takes to break a covalent bond. Covalent bonds are formed when the two molecules share an electron. Unlike ionic bonds, the two molecules or atoms do not exchange an electron, but instead, share it. The outermost electron cloud of the molecules merge together

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Lattice Energy Trends

Are you aware of the periodic table? Yes, that infamous table that has got all the elements known to mankind! Well, you must have noticed that the Periodic table follows a trend. There is a trend of Noble gasses in the extreme right column. The most reactive elements in the bottom, heavy metals in the middle, and in-organic elements are also grouped in the 4th and the 5th column.

Well, like trends in periodic tables, lattice energy also follows a few trends. So let’s study the lattice energy trend, in the following paragraphs.

Lattice Energy Depends on Two Primary Factors!

Experts that provide Lattice energy assignment help have explained the two primary factors that influence the lattice energy of a crystal below.

The Radius of The Atoms

As the radius of the electron clouds of the atoms increase, it becomes easier for the atoms to lose electrons due to the reduced force of attraction. Thus, the release of an electron releases less energy than in an atom with a small radius. For example, Galium can readily react with substances and form an ionic bond. The lattice energy of metals like gallium or mercury would be too low to be stable.

Thus, it can be concluded that as we increase the size of the atom or the distance of the outermost shell from the center of the atom, the lattice energy of the element decreases significantly.

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Charge of ions

Lattice energy is directly proportional to the amount of electrostatic force between two ions. More the charge, the more the potential. Thus lattice energy increases significantly with an increase in charge on the ions! Thus, the charges like +2 or -2 would account for more energy.

What is The Law to Calculate The Lattice Energy Equation?

Hess’s law can be leveraged to estimate the lattice energy of crystals. The law states that the total change in energy required to take an element from state A to state B stays the same regardless of the number of steps of the reaction. For example, when sodium metal bonds with chlorine gas to make Sodium Chloride, an ionic compound, the energy required to do so would be the same if there were to be more steps in the reaction.

We hope that you understood some essential concepts for lattice assignments. However, if you still feel overwhelmed by the subject, avail our lattice energy help from seasoned writers.

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