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What is an Essay?

An essay is, in general, a piece of writing that provides the author's own argument- but the meaning can be left ambiguous, open to interpretations, conflicting with that of a book, an article, a brochure, or a short story. Traditionally the papers were sub-classified as formal and informal. Formal essays are defined by "serious intent, modesty, rational arrangement, duration," while the casually written informal essay is defined by "personal dimension (self-revelation, individual interests, and observations, confidential manner), humour, elegant nature, rambling structure, unconventionality or theme novelty". etc.

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Distinguishing between essay styles is merely a matter of deciding the intent of the writer. Does the writer want to speak about a personal experience, illustrate it, explain a question or convince the reader to consider an argument of a point of view? The four main forms of essays deal with these goals

1. Narrative Essays: Telling a Story

The writer tells the story of real-life experience in a narrative essay. The narrative essay can sound easy to do when sharing a story but encourages students to think and write about themselves. Writers should strive to engage the reader when writing a fictional essay, by rendering the plot as realistic as possible.

The idea that narrative essays are usually written in the first person lets the reader get interested. The repeated use of "I" in sentences give readers the illusion that they are part of the plot. A well-crafted narrative essay is often to be designed to draw an inference or make a personal argument.

2. Descriptive Essays: Pick up a brush and Paint a Picture

A descriptive essay is more or less like a cousin of the narrative essay. It paints a picture with words in a descriptive essay. A writer may identify a particularly significant person, location, object, or even memory. The sort of article, however, is not a description only for the sake of explanation. This form of the essay attempts to convey, through the explanation, a deeper meaning.

In a descriptive article, the writer's use of expressive terms and sensory information will demonstrate, and would not limit itself to telling. The best essays are appealing to the feelings of the reader and leave a strong evocative impact on them as well.

3. Expository Essays: Just the Facts

The expository essay is a piece of insightful writing which presents a balanced analysis of a subject. The writer illustrates or describes a subject in an expository article, using data, numbers, and illustrations. Expository writing encompasses a broad variety of variants in the essay, such as the essay that compares and correlates, the essay on cause and effect, and the essay on "how-to" or method. Since expository essays are based on evidence and not personal thoughts, authors should not show their emotions in the first person or compose them.

4. Persuasive Essays: "Convince Me" Type of Essays

Much like an expository essay, the purpose of the persuasive essay is to convince the reader to accept the views or advice of the writer. The writer will use evidence and logic, as well as illustrations, expert advice, and rational argument to construct a case. The writer should be able to present all sides of the argument but must be able to communicate clearly and without misunderstanding why the chosen argument of point of view is correct.

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Online custom essay writing services provided by My Assignment Services would leverage the knowledge of subject matter experts to simply write your essay homework for you. But, further, in the article, experts that provide custom essay help have penned down all the information you would need to write a stellar essay. So keep reading to know how to write an essay.

Let's first discuss the contents of an essay and after that, we will discuss the preparation of an essay.

1) Introduction of an essay

The introduction is critical in both catching the attention of the reader and in reminding them of what will be discussed in the essay. In fact, the introduction occupies 10-20 percent of the text. To learn how to compose an introduction of an article, begin by familiarizing yourself with the primary goals of the essay.

1.1) You should strive to hook your reader using curiosity.

The first introductory sentence will pique the reader's curiosity. Often, this sentence is considered key. It might be a question, a quotation, a shocking fact, or a bold comment demonstrating the topic 's importance. Let's presume you're writing an article on Braille's creation (the read and write program that visually disabled people use). The key may just be like this:

Braille, a new form of text, marked a critical point of inflexion in the history of disability.

1.2) Provide some context or background to your topic

It is important to give context after you have hooked the reader which will help your reader understand your argument. This could involve providing background information, providing an overview of important academic work or the topic debates, and explaining difficult terms. Don't give the introduction too much detail- you can elaborate on it in the body of your essay.

3. Define the objective and formulate the thesis statement

Next, you should describe your point regarding the main argument or conclusion. The declaration of the thesis sets the agenda and signals your position on the subject. Usually, it is one or two long sentences. An example of a thesis statement from a Braille essay might sound like this:

The principle of tactile reading was not completely new; to establish the first writing device explicitly for blind people, Louis Braille modified and improved traditional techniques. Yet its progress relied on recognition by the people before the social stigma for the blind people could be fully uprooted, and this phase was influenced by broader discussions over the role of people with disabilities in society.

3.1) Draft a map for the content

Finish the introduction with a snapshot of the structure of the article. The overview should give the reader a general idea of what each section of your essay is looking into.

4) Body of an essay

The body of your article or the essay is where you bring out points that justify your claims or statements, offer proof and establish your ideas. The core aim is to present, view, and evaluate the gathered evidence and references to bolster the presented argument.

4.1) Length of the body text

The word limit of your body depends on the type of essay you have been assigned as an assignment. For average, the content that goes in the body of an essay accounts for 60-80 % of your total content. There could be just three paragraphs for a high school article, but the body could take up 8-10 pages for a 6,000-word graduate school article.

4.2) Paragraph structure

It is important to make use of the paragraphs and headings to give your essay a simple structure. That makes the material easy to ingest and scannable. Each article will concentrate on one particular statement or concept.

At the beginning of paragraphs, each paragraph should be introduced by a justified topic sentence. The concept statement provides a bridge from the previous paragraph and introduces the point to be brought forth in this article. You may use the transition terms to create seamless transitions between sentences. Present evidence after the drafting theme of the paragraph via a sentence. Provide data, examples, or quotes to the reader. Make sure the proof is presented and clarified, and then demonstrate how the essay discusses the final argument.

5) Conclusion of an essay

This section is the final paragraph or the ending paragraphs of the essay. Ideally, it should take up around 20% of your total space but it could also be reduced down to 10% if the conclusion is direct, coherent, and intuitively deducible.

A conclusion:

  • Aims to draw relations among the arguments discussed in the essay's body while simultaneously explaining a contrast between them.
  • States the outcome of your arguments
  • It puts a genuine emphasis on the significance of the chosen statement.
  • It can also point towards the readers aiming to explore the broader implication and importance of the topic.
  • An ideal conclusion will conclude the essay with an unforgettable or impactful statement that underlines the value of the work and makes a good final impression on the reader.

What not to include in a conclusion

The most common mistakes are:

  • Including new arguments or evidence
  • Undermining your arguments (e.g. "This is just one approach of many")
  • Using concluding phrases like "To sum up..."" or "In conclusion..."

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