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Language is fluid and encompasses several nuances. Students incorporate a number of narrative techniques for curating complex sentences that put forth deeper meanings. As per our academic writing help experts, the best way to do this is through connotation.

In this blog, we will provide you with an overview of what connotation is and how to use it in your work. Soon, you will be able to dodge off every assignment flawlessly by utilising this literary device with ease.

connotation meaning

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What is the Connotation?

It is a literary device that allows us to choose a word or phrase that has a suggested meaning rather than a literal one. For instance, the two words “youthful” and “childish”- both seem to be similar but have different meanings. This is why they are used in different places for their different implied meanings.

Often you might have noticed how we use “blue” as a feeling rather than a colour. This is known as connotation. We can choose from a wide variety of connotations which can be positive, negative, or neutral.

connotations assignment sample

See the image above. You will understand the difference between negative, neutral, and positive connotations.

For example: If we write a sentence “the dog is thin”- this will have a neutral connotation. However, if we write it in this way, “the dog is emancipated”- this will be a negative connotation that implies that the dog is thin due to his neglectful owner.

What Is The Significance Of Using Connotations In Writing?

Our academic experts consider using connotations very significant for writing. The words that we choose are responsible for conveying different meanings to the readers. Thus, to create a tone, or style that we want, choosing the right set of words is very important.

Following are the points that can be easily done by using connotations in writing.

1. Formulating a Multidimensional Piece Of Writing

We can easily create imagery in our writing with the help of connotation. For instance, if there is a sentence “he was dressed like a pig”. With this sentence, the readers get a visual sense of how the person has been dressed. Rather than simply saying “he was dressed unkempt”, this sentence has a greater impact on the reader. This is the magic of using connotations.

2. Develop the Characters

When readers go through a novel or a drama, it is a general tendency to visualise the characters. If they have been described using positive connotations, then the readers like those characters, and vice versa.

3. Bring Emotions Out Of Language

Our academic writing help experts know the importance of using connotations to draw emotions out of language. A sentence that is devoid of any type of connotations is like the earth without trees.

In literature, there are so many examples of great novels and plays that are purely based on connotations. For instance, “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare and “Animal Farm” by George Orwell. Over the years, our academic writing help experts have dealt with a lot of assignments that were based on this literary device. Whatever queries were sent to us by students have been successfully catered to. Therefore, we are completely capable of assisting you with your doubts as well.

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Assignments On Connotations And Denotations

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Let us give you a glimpse of a question that we have got from students recently on this topic.

connotations assignment topic

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