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There is a ranking system for high school students in Australia which are known as ATAR Results. ATAR is an acronym for Australian Tertiary Admission Rank and it serves a particular purpose for the Australian education system.

It is used to measure a particular student’s overall academic performance. The performance of the students is compared with all other students in the class to determine the rank. This involves the participation of students from the same level of education (most often, it involves high school).

The significance of the ATAR in the Australian education system is high. This is why many students also share a fear of someone else seeing their performance. That is why students have often asked us, “Are ATAR results public?” This is not the only question that Australian students face in their course of study for higher education.

Australian students have many questions about these results. Most of the common and important questions revolve around the significance of these results. We are going to provide you all with an answer to these questions. We will also explain how you can improve your results. Without further ado, let’s go into the depth of our subject.

Aiming for Atar

Why Is ATAR So Important For High School Students In Australia?

The high school students in Australia are constantly anxious about their ATAR results. These results help high school students achieve a significant number of rankings and get admissions. The students strive and aim to be admitted to reputed universities through these results. However, one wonders what the connection between ATAR and university admission is.

The students who are looking to pursue further education in colleges work on their rankings. They have an aim to get admissions for their tertiary level education such as universities or vocational studies. The academic performance of a student determines the opportunities they have for getting admission. Are ATAR results public for universities to see? No, they are not.

The value of tertiary education for Australian students depends on the kind of ranking they will get. What the ranking does for these high school students is comprises the following areas:

1. Universities Assessment

The ranking system is a standard measure for determining the eligibility of a student. Australian universities assess students' eligibility for admissions. Students get admissions into universities for undergraduate programs based on their performance.

2. Selection Of Course

The students can also take advantage of the ATAR results by having specific courses. Different courses at different universities have specific criteria for ranking. While choosing the courses according to their interests, goals and academic strengths, students take their ranking into consideration.

3. Competitive Edge

That being said, a higher ranking of a student opens the gate of opportunity in both terms. Having a higher rank provides a competitive advantage to a student in order to be successful in being admitted into a particular course and any particular university. The students who get the higher rankings also have the advantage of entering prestigious universities, leading to a more fulfilling academic life.

4. Receiving Scholarships

Many students go for online assignment help as it provides them with a learning experience, leading to achieving higher ranks. In Australia, based on the academic performance of the high school students for having a rank, some scholarships and financial aid are being offered.

5. Professional Development

Having a higher ranking can lead to better career prospects and professional development for the students. Tertiary education qualifications received through universities that students enter with their ATAR are an essential part of the academic assessment process in certain firms. Many companies consider the students with an incredible academic performance, which is reflected in their ATAR results.

6. Higher Self-Worth

Due to the level of significance an ATAR holds for Australian students, ranking higher is many students’ goals. Achieving a rank they aimed for or a higher rank than what they anticipated builds confidence and a sense of achievement among the students who are ready to go further!

Calculation Of ATAR

The ATAR system is unique in Australia and has existed since the 1960s. It has provided universities with a standardised measurement of filtering the students with higher academic prowess. Many high school students in Australia opt for university assignment help Australia to get a higher rank in their assessment of high school.

The amalgamation of different academic achievement brings a calculation for the ranking of a student. This includes assessments in different subjects, exams, assignments and school-based assessments. Based on the performance in each of these aspects, the assessment of each student is measured.

Remember that ATAR is a ranking system and not a mark or grading system. The ranking a student can receive ranges from 0.00 to 99.5. It determines the student’s position relative to the students of the particular year group. That means if you rank 70, you are among the 30 per cent of your participating students.

Can You Improve Your ATAR?

Yes, your ATAR results can be improved with proper planning, a pinch of dedication and a lot of effort on your part. Some of the ways you can improve your ATAR is through:

  • Analyse the past performance of your assessments and identify key areas for improvement
  • Target for an achievable ATAR that you can work on to improve your overall performance
  • Practice with different study techniques to deepen your understanding of any subject
  • Seek assistance from academic experts and revisit the old textbooks and notes
  • Create planning of your time and how you are going to utilise it for each of your subjects
  • Practising the past exam papers and clocking the time to improve & build confidence
  • Focus on your mental, physical and emotional health to stay motivated and focused

Seek Guidance From The Experts

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