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Have you started your doctorate journey? And thinking, what is all but dissertation? Well, it can be confusing for beginners, and it is wise to proceed with proper clarity. A doctorate is considered a lifetime achievement, and it is completed by only a few individuals. Time is not the only factor that stops students from completing their doctorates. A doctoral degree requires intensive market research together with high research and writing skills. Moving further, to complete the doctorate, you have to work on a dissertation and get it approved by the professors.

The dissertation writing process is full of hurdles and complexities. It starts with the approval of a research proposal and then initiating the research and writing process. After all this, you cannot guarantee that the dissertation will be approved in one go. Due to all these complexities, do we have AND in the picture now? Let's get this straight first: there is no such thing as an ABD degree. All but dissertation meaning is that students have completed all the course requirements and passed the exams but they are yet to work on their dissertation. Remember that ABD does not hold any weight, and no student can be called a doctor without finishing the dissertation. Now, you might be wondering why people leave the course in the middle. Scroll down to find your answers!

Why Students Stop At ABD?

Not everyone plans to drop out of the course. It cannot be someone's first choice to end up in all but dissertation stage. That's why we have listed below some of the reasons for you to understand briefly.

Lack of Support

All through the doctorate year, students learn and work on new things. Also, they are well-guided by professors, and they are free to ask all the questions. But, once students reach the dissertation stage, no one is here to guide them, and they have to deal with the complexities all by themselves. So, it can be an intimidating and daunting task for the students.

Personal Circumstances

Some of the personal circumstances are not avoidable. All but dissertation meaning is not that you are stuck in the stage and you cannot continue with your dissertation. Still, because of changes in family circumstances and additional responsibilities, most of the students fail to resume their studies and get a degree.


When you are at the university, you have class times, and everything is scheduled. But after this, there is no proper deadline and time frame for the dissertation. Now, it becomes a hectic task to go on with your professional life and work on the dissertation simultaneously. Therefore, students end up with ABD.

Difficult Writing

To complete a dissertation, students need some coursework writing help. When they try to do this all by themselves, they end up being exhausted. Even after analysing the errors, they find it challenging to work on their shortcomings because of the difficult writing process.

Self Doubt

When students research the topic from scratch and then come up with their own views, it requires courage and confidence. Self-doubt not only stops the students from coming up with strong points of view but also keeps them from coming up with creative ideas to design research processes and make their dissertations stand out.

How can you complete ABD Effectively

How Can You Complete ABD Effectively?

It's understandable that after reading the above-mentioned hurdles, you feel a little concerned about what is coming next. It's certain that you don't want to end up in all but dissertation phase. So, why not take a look at some of the tips that can save you from ABD? Read on to know and start implementing from today!

Find Inspiration

When you dedicate time to things you are not passionate about, it is evident you feel demotivated. Before you work on your dissertation, give yourself time and find a topic that can keep you encouraged to explore more things. Before finalising the topic, check if there is enough information available on the web.

Work With a Plan

Even though there is no particular deadline, you should have a proper time frame to move further with your dissertation. Create a plan and set aside time for all the things, starting from the research to the writing. In case you are confused about how much time things can take, you can consult with a custom dissertation writing service.

Have a Routine

Waiting for the ideas and mood to start working on your dissertation is not going to work, especially when you are no longer going to the university. To save yourself from the struggle of getting into the mood, it would be best to stick with a routine. Give your dissertation time daily, even if you are just resealing simple articles about your topic for the literature review.

Give Yourself Time

It's appreciable that you are motivated and driven, but to keep yourself productive, you have to invest time in the things you love. It can be anything like reading, sports, watching Netflix, or spending time with your family; just dedicate time to the things you enjoy doing. This way, you will stay encouraged and get over the all but dissertation phase.

Get Constant Feedbacks

To improve yourself and enhance the quality of your work, you need constant feedback which can make you aware of your mistakes. For this, you can connect with subject matter experts who possess experience in the industry and can help you get your dissertation approved faster.

Get Over with ABD with My Assignment Services!

No matter how tough it is to work on your dissertation, you can keep yourself away from demotivation by thinking about the end result. To make this journey easier, make sure to use all the resources available. Connect with the experts who have been through the same situation and help you understand how you can deal with the challenges.

My Assignment Services is here with the thesis writing services that can help you get over the ABD. With years of experience in the industry and after helping various students with their dissertations, we are aware of the challenges you can face. Starting from working on the research approval to submitting the final draft, we will guide you throughout the process. Also, you get access to the online library and get information from verified resources after connecting with us. So, what are you waiting for? Call our experts now to avail of our services!

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