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You, as a student, have to be faced with numerous assignments, research, and projects; hence, squeezed by tasks. Luckily, there is Trello, one versatile tool for the project management required to ease your academic life. This blog guides you on how effectively to use this for your personal tasks and academic writing. We will start with the setup of the boards and end with advanced tips and tricks that will help you get the most out of this powerful tool.

What is Trello?

Trello is a very user-friendly project manager tool that represents tasks in a very visual format. A board, lists, and cards are used to identify and manage your project and tasks.


Key Features

If you are exploring How to Use Trello Effectively then you are in the right place. Read the points below to know the answer to your question.

1. Boards

Every board represents a project or an area of your study. You could thus have a board for each non-subject or assignment.


2. Lists

These are the tasks organised into a board. Typical lists for an academic writing board might be "To Do," "In Progress," "Review," and "Completed."


3. Cards

These are the individual tasks or assignments. Each card can be assigned due dates, attachments, a checklist, and comments.


4. Labels

Trello Labels allow you to group your tasks according to priority or categories of tasks or even by subject.


5. Checklists

Add checklists to your cards, breaking tasks into steps.


6. Attachments

Attach files directly to your card, including documents, article drafts, or even reference material.


Benefits of Trello in Academic Writing

1. Organisation

In Trello , everything is in one place, with all the clutter of doing multiple tasks eliminated as much as possible with all your assignments and research.

2. Collaboration

Share boards with classmates to work on group projects and could assign tasks as well.

3. Flexibility

Customise boards, lists, and cards to your workflow and way of working.

4. Visual Management

That's why Trello is so easy: the visual component means you can glance and instantly see what is done and what remains to be done.

How to use Trello Effectively for Personal Task Management?

1. Create a Board

"Create a board," it says. "Academic Writing Projects" could be the name of your board for academic writing projects.


2. Create Lists

Add lists to your board. Common lists might include:

  • To Do - Things you must begin.
  • In Progress- These are the tasks you are working on.
  • Review Tasks that need feedback or revision.
  • Completed-Finished tasks.


3. Add Cards

Within each list, add cards in Trello for individual tasks or assignments. For instance, you might have cards for "Research Paper on Climate Change," "Literature Review for Psychology," or "Group Project on Marketing Strategies."


Practical Applications in Academic Settings

1. Research Projects

Trello for tracking your research process. Make a card for each of your tasks: an "find sources" card, a "write introduction" card, and a "proofread final draft" card, attaching your research articles and draft documents directly to the cards.

2. Assignment Management

The ability to manage every project management task or assignment in a single platform. Keep yourself updated with due dates and checklists for each task.

3. Group Projects

You can share a board with your class members to work on a project collectively. You assign the task to an individual team member, add comments, and view the progress of the project.

How to Use Trello? 

1. Create a Board

Click the "Create new board" button, name your board, and select the background colour or image.


2. Add Lists

Hit "Add a list" and name the lists per your workflow.


3. Create Cards 

Click "Add a card," title your card -"Draft Introduction for Research Paper," and hit Enter.


4. Add Details to Cards

Click a card to open it, then add due dates, attachments, checklists, labels, and comments as needed.


5. Move Cards 

Use drag-and-drop to move a card to another list to move it through its process. For example, you can move a card from "To Do" to "In Progress".


Tips and Tricks for Maximising Trello

1. Use Labels Wisely

In Trello Create a colour-coded labelling system to enable quick comprehension of the type of task or its priority level.

2. Automate with Butler Now

wherever possible, using Trello's feature called Butler. You move a card to "Complete".

3. Integration with Other Tools

Hook Trello up with other tools like Google Drive, Dropbox, and Evernote to have all your resources in one basket.

4. Regularly Update Your Board

Move cards around your board regularly, updating the card details to reflect the current situation.

Comparing Trello with Other Tools

Comparing trello with other tool

Pros and Cons of Trello

pros and cons of trello

What Are Trello Templates and How Can They Help You?

Trello has many, many templates to help you get started quickly and effectively, whether you're tracking a research project, assignments, or a group project. The Trello templates provide you with an organised jump-off point.

1. Variety of Templates

It provides the users with templates for various projects and tasks.


2. Quick Start

Select a template and customise it to fit your needs.

3. Structured Organisation

It ensures critical steps in the project management process are not missed.

How to Use Trello for Project Management?

Trello is a powerful tool for project management, especially for students juggling multiple projects and deadlines.

  • Outline Phases
  • But make a different list in Trello board for each of the project phases, such as "Planning", "Research", "Writing", "Editing".
  • Task Cards Within each list, add cards for specific tasks like "Develop Research Questions," and "Draft Literature Review."
  • Assign Due Dates-Assigning deadlines so that one can track the accomplishment of the task.
  • Attach Documents including relevant files and resources.
  • Add Checklists - Ensure each task is done with detailed checklists

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Is Trello free?

Yes, Trello is free; the more limited version of Trello should meet the demands of most in higher education.

Can I use Trello offline? 

Although it is an online tool, most of its features can be accessed offline via the Trello Mobile App.

How do I share the Trello board with my fellow students?

Just click "Invite" from your board and add the email addresses of your classmates.

What if I can't access my board?

Ensure that you are connected to the internet. If the Issue Persists, try signing out and signing back in or clear your browser cache.

How do I restore a deleted card?

Go to the "Archived items" section in the board menu and restore the card from there.

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