The course, SCBIO1020 Systems Biology, briefs students about the physiology and the anatomy of the human body. This course focuses on the structure and the cellular level arrangement of the cells and tissues in the body. The study of organization and structure gives an in-depth understanding of the functioning of the different biological systems.

Did you know that around 9% of your DNA is similar to another human?

The most significant discoveries in studying human functioning and conditional sustainability originated from systems biology. It's a comprehensive approach to studying the intricacy of living organisms that begins with the idea that the connections that combine to make the creatures whole go beyond the collection of its parts.

It is an interactive effort that combines various science disciplines - biology, engineering, computer science, physics, bioinformatics, etc. All areas are combined to forecast how these processes change over the years and under various situations and to develop solutions to the world's most challenging health and environmental issues.

Let’s learn more about the systems in biology with examples in this blog.

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Why is System Biology Important?

The human body is a complex system that scientists have invested many years figuring out - the functioning, evolution, health challenges, and more. System biology just might be the key to understanding various biological concepts like evolution, biological systems' functioning, or the advancement of bioinformatics.

The SCBIO1020 Systems Biology discipline emerged from the sole idea of microbiology - microorganisms, cells, and other microbes possess a high level of complexity. The dominant factors in modern biology focus on the idea that biology is fundamentally theoretical science. The second factor is that all biological systems at the cellular level can store and transfer information.

The new technologies (especially in medical science) result from such an approach to unravelling all the complex concepts of biology. All biological organisms are so complex that each one can be considered an integrated system on its own. The integrated view can be studied for developing advanced medicinal drugs and biofuels.

Manipulating microbial complex models of a cell or DNA/RNA requires a system-level comprehension of metabolism to be able to manipulate variables. A peak Systems Biology example is the study of the human genome, which gives us information on human evolution and the organelle of each cell type in the body.

Evolution is a slow process, and artefacts that have lost their function can last for millennia. Withered characteristics or leftovers can be found in people. The appendix was thought to serve a role in our ancestors' digestive systems, but it seems to be totally dormant in the current human body.

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What does System Biology tell us About Evolution?

"In biology, nothing makes more sense than the light of evolution." These are the lines of popular biologist Theodosius Dobzhansky. Also known as an evolutionary biologist, he proposed the concept of the modern synthesis in evolutionary biology. This theory states that the changes in allele frequencies (genetics) within a population are the basis for evolution.

SCBIO1020 systems biology requires a grasp of evolution, but knowing where the data information comes from or how it grew complicated also gives a focal point for Darwinian evolution. Biological systems have evolved extraordinary ways of saving, processing, and providing information in the living environment through a sequence of evolutionary changes.

The fundamental storage of DNA and RNA and their transmission through generations resulted from the study of modern synthesis theory. The study of the different parts of the human genome helped develop the different theories in the biological systems. The psychological systems, for example, incorporate various components like transcription factors that help gene regulation.

The Human Genome Initiative was a major scientific study aimed at discovering the fundamental pairs that constitute the DNA/RNA in humans, including discovering, mapping, and interpreting all of the human genomes, both physically and functionally.

Using microarrays to decipher the DNA/RNA components, such as gene-level expression, is the cornerstone for various genetic engineering studies. The information acquired in such studies is useful for interpreting sequential genetic data. The array of DNA data structures is due to biological system studies.

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What are some Examples of Systems Biology?

Biological system studies have enabled scientists to design predictive, intricate models to discover advanced biomarkers for curing diseases, differentiate patients based on distinctive genetic structures, and effectively develop drugs that target the illness. It aims to create advanced biological exploration with new biology-based innovations.

Some applications of system biology include:

  • Computational model sciences for developing intricate cellular models
  • Imaging sciences for a better understanding of a patient's health condition
  • Enhancement of quantitative data extraction to better monitor health conditions
  • Laboratory practice adaptation for developing medicinal drugs
  • Defining patient biobanks for storing material for research

Did you know that there are over 3 million DNA bases (strands) in our DNA?

While certain tiny networks, such as metabolism in yeast and bacteria, are fairly well known, larger complicated channels, such as evolutionary networks, are only incompletely understood. The development and implementation of mathematical concepts essential to analyzing both network architectures have been completed.

Few biological systems in SCBIO1020 Systems Biology have been adequately defined to allow scientists to model these biological networks. Glucose and lactose utilization mechanisms in bacteria such as Streptococcus and Escherichia coli are a few examples. The wider interconnections of those systems, on the other hand, can be well explored through this discipline.

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