There are very peculiar cases around the world when it comes to property law. Hence, when you are studying property law course, you need to think peculiarly as well. That is why property law assignments are given to students like you and the most common ones are case studies. Get a detailed understanding from the property law assignment help professionals.

This blog will discuss how to write the Kelly case study answer about the opals and property.

The assignment sample with our team

assignment sample

This is just the final part of the entire case study. Let us quickly write down what all do you have to do -

  1. You need to advice Kelly of what is her legal authority on the opals
  2. The other stakeholders also have laid claim to the opals
  3. Kelly also wants advice on media broadcast of her property

Your Kelly case study answer should include the solution to the above problems. The following section talks about how did I prepare my answer to the Kelly case study.

1. Note down the data from the case study

Most students like you would simply read the case study once and then will refer to it again and again when they are writing the Kelly case study answer. But you are smarter, aren’t you?

When you are writing the case study, have a pen and paper ready. Note down all the information that you think is necessary and will be used in the solution. The advantage? When you are writing the Kelly case study answer, you will be having all the information just by your side so that you do not have to refer to the case study over and over again.

2. Prepare the outline of the case study

Before you start writing the final solution to the case study, first prepare a rough outline of Kelly case study answer on a paper. In this, write down all the objectives that you need to complete in this case study.

Then, against each objective, mention what all do you need in order to write the answer to that. Mention the point numbers that your case study information will be used in writing the answer. Kelly case study answer will also be written with the help of the various pointers defined in the question.

3. Use Property Law Act 1974

Since the assignment question says that the case is in a fictional town of Queensland, you need to refer to the Queensland legislation. Here, you will find mention of something called Property Law Act 1974.

What does this act do? According to the document by the Queensland Legislation, it is “An Act to consolidate, amend, and reform the law relating to conveyancing, property, and contract, to terminate the application of certain statutes, to facilitate the resolution of financial matters at the end of a de facto relationship, and for other purposes.”

Writing the Kelly case study answer is made easy when you have all the supporting legislative evidence in advising Kelly.

4. Follow IRAC approach

The IRAC approach is Issue, Rule, Application and Conclusion. To answer this case study, take a dig into previous rulings of similar cases. Use them as base and write the outcome that took place.

Using that outcome, build your own case in Kelly case study answer, either in favour of the client or against them. You will find a treasure of information and supporting evidence to write about in textbooks, journal articles and cases. The journal articles, remember, should be all from a credible source and library.

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